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ABA Therapy
Under the ABA therapy section, you'll learn more about what we offer educationally. We utilize a variety of principles include those found in verbal behavior. Our programs are designed to use the most effective research based strategies for your child.
When it comes to behavior, we know that every individual is very unique. Our behavior assessments and reports are based on understanding a behavior so we can prevent the behavior when possible and have a plan when a behavior occurs. The ABLLS is a great tool to help chart a child's progress and see where there are educational gaps to be filled in.
Social Skills
Social skills are important in making and keeping friends as well surviving in the world. Some children do not notice these "rules" intuitively and need explicit instruction. An important feature of social skills training is to have a plan for generalization. We offer individualized, group, or family trainings in this area.
Preparing someone for transition to adulthood in a multi-faceted process. Daily living skills, vocational training, post-secondary instruction, community instruction, social skills, and person centered-planning may all be the key components for future success.
Community-Based Instruction
Community-Based Instruction Learning a skill in isolation does not guarantee it will be transfer to the natural environment. That is why it's important to teach in the environment where the skills is necessary. This also includes helping people become meaningful members of their community.
If you are interested in learning more about topics relating to autism, behavior, or social skills, check out our trainings section. Here you'll find some ideas on what kind of workshops we offer. We have done trainings for a home program as well as for an entire school's staff. Every presentation is individualized, incorporating elements unique to your situation.
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