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Our trainings are hands-on learning opportunities tailored to your unique educational needs. We present research-based information and help individuals transfer this new knowledge to their current roles. We have worked with school district personnel, families, conference planners, and parent groups.
Workshops are generally run in either a half-day (3 hour) or full-day (6 hour) format, but can be adapted to fit your time frame.
Hand-outs will provided in most cases, as well as references providing more informational resources. Except for crisis prevention training, the number of participants can be decided by the agency.
Sample Trainings Available
Workshop Description/Topics Covered
ABC's of Behavior
Overview of behavior
Common behavior terms are discussed, one for each letter of the alphabet
Examples: Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence, Data Collection, Effort, Functional assessment, etc (full list available upon request)
Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA)
Overview of main principles of ABA
Areas of study/use (autism, organizational research, positive behavior supports)
Discussion of influential and current research in the field
Overview of the disability and DSM IV
Common descriptions
Various types on the spectrum (Aspergers, Rett's, autism, PDD-NOS)
Teaching strategies
Behavior tips & techniques
Behavior Intervention, Tips & Techniques
Brief overview of FBA and how to use results
Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence
Ways to investigate the function of behavior.
Tips & techniques to deal with various problem behavior (specific to agency’s population served)
Classroom Behavior
Group oriented behavior strategies
Brief overview of individual behavior interventions
Practical techniques for classroom management
Crisis Prevention
Using curriculum and instructor certified by CPI
Verbal de-escalation techniques
Personal safety techniques
Nonviolent physical intervention for children and adults
Results in certificate of completion from CPI
Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
What is a functional behavior assessment
Gathering preliminary info
What data, how to take it and analyze it
Setting events, antecedent strategies, skill acquisition, consequence strategies, function of behavior
How to turn a FBA into a behavior plan
Follow-up can be provided to guide participants through their first FBA
Home Programming
Brief overview of ABA, Discrete Trial Instruction and Verbal Behavior
Hiring and training staff (where and how)
Deciding upon a form of communication (sign, PECS, other)
Getting funding (private, grants, districts, insurance companies)
Specific topics available upon request such as swim instruction for autistic individuals
Positive Behavior
Definition of PBS
Whole school/system reform
Overview of functional assessment with an emphasis on antecedents and skill acquisition
Overview of role of paraprofessional or classroom assistants (tailored to assignments/agencies)
Working with teaching staff
Implementing behavior plans
Working with behavior or emotional difficulties
Separating yourself from the job
How to shadow (paras working with children with autism)
Social Skills
Overview of social skills and why they are important
Discussion of what a social skills group is and looks like
Most commonly used curriculum
Different ways to teach social skills (group, incidentally, social stories)
How to select programming and implement it
Verbal Behavior
Brief overview of ABA, Discrete Trial Instruction and Verbal Behavior
Differences between natural environment and intensive table teaching
Pairing and Manding
Tacts, RFFC, and Intraverbals
Beginning Language Assessment Forms and completing the ABLLS

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