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PhotoOur therapy is conducted by knowledgeable and caring staff in an one-on-one setting. The programs are tailored to the individual learner's needs and specific skills are targeted. We assist in generalizing skills from school to home and vice versa.In our therapy, we utilize principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, including an understanding of Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior.
The program may include:
•  Errorless learning
•  Fluency
•  Activity schedules
•  Generalization
•  Fast-paced Instruction
•  Maintenance
•  Behavior momentum
•  Interspersals
Our Program Models
We recognize that funding your child’s program can be a costly endeavor. To that end, we offer several different models that offer more flexibility in spending. One option we offer is a pre-set number of hours of consulting per month. If we believe we need to go over that amount, we will contact you and you can choose to apply it towards the next month, wait until the next month, or decide to do it during that month.
Family Consultant Model
We provide consultation and training to you. You act as the therapist or teacher and receive direct training and feedback. You can enlist family and friends to help teach as well. (most cost-effective)
Staff Consultant Model
We provide a consultant to train and supervisor staff you hire. We can guide you through the process of finding staff or we can train and supervise staff you already have selected.
Consult & Staff Model
We provide staff and a consultant. We will be responsible for finding, selecting, and paying staff. The staff will be hired, trained, and supervised by our consultant.
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