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Our Philosophy
•  Every child has the capacity and the right to learn. It is how we teach that unlocks their potential.

•  Families should be treated as partners in the process. No one knows a child better than his/her family.

•  Programs and procedures should be derived from research and implemented with consistency.

•  Instruction should be tailored to an individual child and his/her learning and behavioral needs. It is important to focus on what a person can do as well as areas in need of growth.

•  Schools, families and providers need to work together to help children maximize their potential for success.
Our Dedicated Staff
Karen YosmanovichKaren Yosmanovich
Karen Yosmanovich, M.Ed, BCBA, Executive Director of Beautiful Minds of Princeton is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, (BCBA) who has experience teaching general education and special-education classes in public and private schools with additional experience working with students with autism spectrum disorders. Ms. Yosmanovich has worked with students and staff from Eden Institute, Princeton Child Development Institute, Douglass Development Disabilities Center, Behavior Therapy Associates, various other school districts and private families as well.
A frequent presenter at local, regional and international conferences, including, New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community, (COSAC), New Jersey Education Association, (NJEA), New Jersey Council for Exceptional Children, (NJCEC) and Young Adult Institute, (YAI) conferences, she has provided trainings and consultations in the United States and around the world to a variety of institutions and individuals; including families, teachers (general, special and special area); paraprofessionals, administration-related service personnel and child-study members.
Ms. Yosmanovich has designed and supervised home programs, conducted numerous Functional Behavior Assessments, written classroom and individual behavior intervention plans and conducted social-skills training and groups.
A driving force to her success is her younger sister Christina, whom she helped raise, and was diagnosed with multiple disabilities (autism, cognitive disability) in 1987. Through this experience, she has a unique perspective, as both a family member and professional in the field of Autism Spectrum disorders.

Our Testimonials
"Karen has a rare blend of enthusiasm and knowledge that makes her an excellent service provider. She effectively inspires those with whom she works, both clients and other professionals. Her creativity, passion and compassion for her work and those she works with cannot be surpassed."
Mark Cooperberg, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist, Behavior Therapy Associates, P.A.
"Parents of preschool children with special needs often benefited from consultations with Ms. Karen Yosmanovich. She listened to parents describe their children's patterns of behavior at home and provided concrete suggestions. Her willingness to share her personal history as an individual with a family member with a developmental disability seemed to enable her to connect easily with many parents of special needs children. In summary, Ms. Yosmanovich's expertise as a behavior specialist, trainer, and consultant has enhanced positive behavior supports for students at the preschool and elementary level. Her accessibility to staff and parents promotes successful working relationships from those who desire to effect behavioral change in their students or children. I have on more than one occasion said to a colleague, 'What would this child do without Ms. Yosmanovich?'"
Linda Hagerty, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant
"Ms. Yosmanovich has provided our staff members with quality professional development in the areas of autism, Crisis Prevention Intervention, and behavior management. Ms. Yosmanovich's experience as a classroom teacher and her knowledge regarding student behavior has enabled her to create meaningful workshops for teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals alike. Karen is 'in touch' with the realities of today's classrooms, and her presentations focus on real-world situations. Staff members have enjoyed her workshops and frequently comment about the ease with which they have put her ideas into practice."
Dave Tate, Special Education Supervisor
"Ms. Yosmanovich's extensive knowledge of individuals with disabilities translates into her ability to design social skills groups and functional behavior assessments to successfully meet the needs of school-age children. She is well respected for the high level of professionalism she brings to her workshops and presentations, and for her ability to work with all staff members from paraprofessionals to teachers to Child Study Team members to administrators."
Christine D'Avirro, National Certified School Counselor
"I learned the reasonable ways to respond to behavior and situations to ensure the best possible outcome."
Dana Young, High School Nurse
"I would recommend this workshop to the entire staff so people are prepared and confident. The instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She was never redundant."
Michael Maresz, Middle School Music Teacher
"I enjoyed the 'true life' examples she used so we could understand things."
Gayle Hill, paraprofessional
"We were able to talk openly about the issues we have."
Jode DiClaudio, paraprofessional
"She was informative and able to answer other's questions."
Suzy Beck, paraprofessional
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