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Social Skills
Photo Many individuals with special needs have difficulty with social skills. We seek to help them learn and generalize the necessary skills.
Many times, we are not aware of the “hidden” social rules or customs that abound in our society.
Our goals include helping kids break the “secret” code and helping adults and peers make interaction easier.
This Is How We Do It
We offer individualized social skills training or coaching. Generally, a consultant will come out to your home or school and help facilitate social interactions. When necessary, the consultant will explicitly teach the skills needed and/or train others how to do so.
We also teach parents and teachers how they can incorporate social skills techniques into their interactions. In a “Train the Trainer” model, we look to help you become more effective in reinforcing or teaching social skills to an individual.
On occasion, we will offer groups geared toward particular skills, disabilities, or age groups. These groups generally run approximately 6-9 weeks, meeting for about 60-90 minutes a session once a week. Check out our Upcoming Events page to see when the next group will be offered or send us an email to let us know of your interest..
Social skill instruction can easily be integrated into what you are already doing. We specialize in finding ways to target instruction and incorporate social skills. Let us share the tips our experienced educators have learned, including a curriculum already written that combines literacy (through reading a novel) and social skills.
When using us to consult, you get support for all levels of staff, including paraprofessionals, teachers, related service personnel, child study team members, and administrators.
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